LauraL _ Bio

LauraL_Festival Yellow Moon_Santiago del ChileLauraL (aka Laura Leiner) is guitarist, composer, self-taught searcher of performing  arts and since 2004 plays in the band M.i.p.V _ Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (“Endless Music For Tripping”).

She is an artist and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background encompassing music, theatre, dance, photography, video, physics, chemistry and communication-journalism.

Laura was born in Brazil and began her artistic career in the 80s, studying music and theater at the Art Institute (Instituto de Artes) of Ufrgs (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil). In Brazil, she participated along 20 years of a several concerts, performances and theater projects, also doing artistic direction/curatorship for cultural events and working in newspapers. Since 2009 she lives in Berlin and among other projects, which have the goal to explore public spaces, she develops a concept of concert-installation and dark ambient, using guitar, experimental and ambient music, looped videos, field recordings and processed sounds.







info sheet _ en/pt LauraL info sheet 2017 en:pt

online portfolio: portfolio LL


photo: LauraL _ Festival Yello Moon_Centro Icone _Santiago del Chile (2013) _ Photo by Diego G.
Curriculum Vitae (deutsch)  Lebenslauf_2017_de

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